A Little About Me ......

Hi my name is Michelle and I am the owner of 2 Style Hair Design.

We moved to our current site in Scott Street Blenheim in the year 2014 from our previous site on the corner of Arthur and Queen Streets .

The move to this site was a wee bit bittersweet as we had to move out of a two story earthquake prone building that had been singled out as not being up to standard in terms of its ability to withstand an earthquake.

My previous salon that I was in for more than 14 years held a lot of special memories.

Small things such as my father helping paint the walls to the special staff that worked on the salon floor that aren't with me today - such great memories but the move to our Scott Street site and a new salon space  3 times the size of our old one are a chance to make more fantastic memories.

Salon Owner & Stylist
Salon Owner & Stylist


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